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Hydropneumatic Accumulator Drawing - LIQ 18i / 2500p ST ST

Stainless accumulators proven since 1965, available with our "Flo-Thru" feature tested by the University of Einhoven 1967. This hydropneumatic accumulator has an internal volume of 300 ml (18 cubic inches) and a pressure rating of 173 bar (2500 psi).

Hydropneumatic Accumulator Drawing - LIQ 18i / 2500p ST ST

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Hydrotrole Ltd. Hydraulic Control Engineers Accumulators.co.uk Gross Britannia Oil and Gas Accumulators-Hyd.com The Americas Accumulateurs-Hydropneumatiques.com Francophones Hydropneumatics.eu Europe Hydraulic Control Engineers Since 1963 HydroTrole.co.uk HydroTrole Ltd. This HydroTrole Ltd Slimline series of stainless accumulators is less then 6 inches / 150 mm internal diameter, and so not covered by ASME VIII Div 1. Which is just as well since they lowered their safety margins. Note :- P-Max rated European PED compliant hydraulic accumulators are 30 percent ever more dangerous than U stamped accumulators. ACCUMULATOR DRAWING HydroTrole Ltd. Stainless Steel Accumulators Compare these 1965 original gas in the bag Bladder type one piece molded, no bonds or glue, top end reservicable No poppet valve to jam accumulators, from the originators of the design. Review the principle of operation. A taperd cylinder, with pressure internally will expand progressively from the large diameter and elongate as the wall is prevented from expanding further: Simply because hoop stress is twice longitudinal stress. These stainless accumulators of the LiquiFlex SLIMLINE range proven since 1965, available with our Flo-Thru feature tested by University of Einhoven 1967. Pt 31B Goose Neck Pre-Fill Connector FOC As used on all aircraft. 304 stainless steel strut valve. 0.75 inch AF Hex swivel nut, use standard wrench. CLOSED OPEN Spares Kit HYDROTROLE Ltd. Under License from M.Packer since 1963. Under License from M.Packer since 1963. HydroTrole pour la France et les pays francophones. Parelis Email: info@parelis.com L'Etang du bois Chemin de Pierre Morte Tresserve France Tel Fax HydroTrole Ltd. Hydraulic Control Engineers Since 1963 Europe HydroTrole.co.uk Francophones Accumulateurs-Hydropneumatiques.com The Americas Accumulators-Hyd.com Oil and Gas Gross Britannia Hydropneumatics.eu Accumulators.co.uk